Business Mediation
The Project


March 1999 to March 2001


Development of a qualification concept and a game plan for experienced specialists and management from different sectors of the economy.


Results of the Research Phase

Qualification Concept

Game Plan


During the project the most important knowledge and skills for mediation and business conflict management are established and integrated into a complete concept. We have thereby put particular emphasis on mediation within the company, which is to be the core area in the occupation of mediators within the determined target group. Firstly, through intensive conversations with business experts of all different areas, personnel managers, team leaders, project managers and members of works councils as well as with experts from diverse mediation fields, we have managed to clarify the necessary knowledge, skills, structural conditions and obstacles for in-company mediation. Subsequently, an initial qualification concept was established and individual training components were tested with our partner Lucent Technologies. The knowledge gained from this practical experience were in turn included in the final concept. In the last phase of the project, a game plan was created, which is designed to be very practical in the field of experience for the qualification of the target group of aspirant mediators.